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While I worked as a photography lab technician for a newspaper I dealt with a large number of obituary photographs. Each photograph that I received to scan into the system as being the one defining picture for a person’s life left me wondering “Why this photo?” Many were of course just simple head shots taken at a Sears or perhaps an Olan Mills, but many times they were these odd moments in a person’s life that held a certain significance for their loved ones. What struck me the most were the various people in the backgrounds of these images who had become unexpected members of a family’s eternal memory.

The images presented here are taken from a single photograph that was purchased on Ebay then cropped into four separate pictures. The accompanying text images are taken from various obituary announcements. The intent of these images is to make a connection to the people in the “background” of a person’s snapshot by creating a scenario that might best explain each individual participating in the image. The end result is a narrative that gives context to each person in a particular photograph by referencing some sort of individualistic character. This in turn creates a relationship between each person depicted by giving the viewer a small insight to who the person might have been.